Sanagate, 2016

Directed by Andy Alesik. TV spot for Sanagate. Produced by Filmgerberei Switzerland. Creative agency: Ogilvy.

We have actually been hired to take on the VFX for a TV spot for the insurance company ‘Sanagate’, produced by Filmgerberei in Zurich. While discussing the treatment and storyboards, I prepared a more detailed 3d animatic, for better planning. After breaking down all shots, the producing agency Filmgerberei wanted me to not only take on the VFX supervision of the spot but also the direction. The TV and Web spot ‘ Sanagate Lost in Chaos’ was originally instructed by the renowned creative agency Ogilvy in Switzerland and was shot in Zurich. Post-production was made by Batelion in Germany.

Making-Of Sanagate

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