Lead VFX Compositor

As a Lead Nuke Compositor, you will oversee high-stakes projects, leading the creative output and supervising a team of artists. You will be responsible for ensuring projects are delivered to the highest standards and executing creative output as both a team leader and player. The ideal candidate is creative, with a strong eye for photo-realistic VFX, and able to manage complex projects from start to finish. The role also includes managing client sessions, timelines, conforms, and edits, as well as delegating tasks as needed.

Execution > Remote

Overseeing and delivering high-profile, complex VFX projects that meet creative, schedule, and budget requirements. Responding constructively to client feedback and guiding them through the creative process.

Leading and managing local and remote VFX teams. Demonstrating strong leadership, mentorship, and problem-solving skills. Collaborating closely with production and updating progress on projects. Ensuring that BATELION standards are maintained in coordination with other artists and departments.

Minimum years of experience: 15+


In-depth knowledge of VFX workflows and pipelines. Strong creative skills. Experience leading 2D artist teams. Effective communication abilities. Excellent problem-solving abilities. Proficiency in Nuke, with advanced knowledge of compositing and timeline software (such as Flame or Nuke Studio/Hiero).

Pipeline TD

A pipeline technical director is a fantastic role for those who enjoy the creativity of art
alongside the technical challenge of computer science.

Execution > Remote

As a Pipeline TD, you will provide artists with the technical support and tools needed to focus on their creative work. You will collaborate with various departments to understand their current and future technical needs and integrate new software into the production pipeline.

You will need to have advanced coding skills in C++ and Python and a deep understanding of VFX software. You will also modify or write code for new tools and features as needed.

The role requires a comprehensive understanding of all roles in the post-production pipeline and the ability to find solutions to complex production issues, even under tight deadlines. You will also provide technical support to individuals as needed.

Minimum years of experience: 2+


Advanced coding skills in C++ and Python. In-depth knowledge of visual effects software. Understanding of every role in the post-production pipeline. Ability to grasp the difficulties faced by each role in the pipeline. Proven problem-solving skills. Ability to find solutions to complex production problems. Ability to write or modify code to create new tools and features. Understanding of the technical needs of various departments. Ability to work closely with research and development teams. Strong communication skills to provide technical support to individuals.

VFX Junior Coordinator

The role of a VFX Junior Coordinator involves assisting the VFX team in various administrative tasks, such as maintaining schedules, tracking deliveries, and organizing client approvals. The Junior Coordinator also supports the team by coordinating communication between departments, managing databases, and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Eligable applicants receive: 1 x new Ultrabook, up to 2 x new 24″ Displays. After a 6 months trial periode, applicants can keep the hardware.

Execution > Remote

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail: A VFX Junior Coordinator must have the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines, prioritize effectively, and ensure that all tasks are completed accurately.

Minimum years of experience: 0+


Excellent communication skills: The Junior Coordinator must have strong written and verbal communication skills, as they will be communicating with a wide range of stakeholders, including clients, artists, and production teams. Good communication skills are crucial for ensuring smooth coordination of projects and effective problem resolution.


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work from home

Artists work from home or any place they wanna be.

universal access

Artists access customizable nvidia RTX servers and all relevant project data through a personal VPN


Get connected to everyone at any time.

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Share files, calendars, and even screens
with your team mates.


Manage your working hours, your free time and off-times as you like.


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