TV Commercial, 2019

TV Commercial from 2019. Client: Velvet Mediendesign GmbH. Directed by Matthias Zentner.

For Danone Oikos, we contributed photoreal 3D toys, which also included Conforming, Photogrammetry, and Perspective Matches. All single and sequential shots received multiple revisions.

We decided to use RedShift Renderer along with Autodesk 3ds Max®. Our render times fall under 14 seconds per frame and made multiple revisions with our client true. We used 3D hold-outs to place our objects directly behind the real cast, therefore making another 2D compositing round unnecessary. This workflow not only encouraged depth but brought us a whole new natural play of shadows and reflections, too.

In close collaboration with the client’s Flame® Artist, we delivered standard and individually requested mattes and render elements for all shots.

Software used:
Autodesk 3ds Max®, Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Photoshop®, The Foundry Nuke®, AVID Media Composer®, Autodesk Mudbox®, Autodesk Maya®, Autodesk Flame®

TV Commercial, Video

For more information, please visit velvet.de (Deeplink Danone Oikos) or check out their facebook profile.
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TV Commercial, 2019

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