Batelion. Visual Effects.

Batelion, LLC, registered in New York City has been founded by Andreas (aká ‘Andy’) Alesik (IMDb), who has served the visual effects and film industry since 2001. Andy is leading Batelion’s production department as a VFX supervisor while creative agencies and designated production companies book Andy as a film director for tv spots, web-specials, and various other VFX massive media formats. In the past, Andy worked as an artist on OSCAR® nominated film productions like Marvel’s Avengers (2012) and Iron Man 3 (2013), amongst many others. His clients include some of the world’s most famous and leading VFX houses like ILM, Cinesite, Ghost, Pixomondo, and Mackevision.

Batelion is a qualified post-production facility located in NYS and Germany. We are engaged in providing post-production services to film and television. With a focus on independent film productions, we offer state of the art VFX and post-production services with competitive pricing.

Batelion is contributing VFX to NY local and LA film companies like Maven Pictures, Gigantic, Best Marcus, Great Curve, Brookstreet, Charles Miller and international film production companies like Constantin Film. Post-production services include VFX supervision, onset supervision, and compositing.

Please contact us at to receive individual showreel material and VFX references.

Recommendation, Director
Fritz Boehm on the VFX (Wildling)

You book Andy to get much more than just eye-popping effects. Andy Alesik is a religiously cinephile outside-the-box thinker. A 24/7 co-creator who understands, that there’s a way when there’s a vision. His philosophy transpires throughout a reliably coordinated team of hand-picked individuals. With Andy, you have the freedom to feel understood. The movie is everything.

Recommendation, Director
Boaz Yakin on the VFX (Boarding School)

“Guys, I just did a skype session on our climactic fire sequence. And it’s looking DOPE! They are simply killing it. Above and beyond.”

Recommendation, CEO Ghost VFX
Jeppe Nygaard Christensen

I have had the pleasure of hiring Andy on several projects. Andy is an experienced technical and highly skilled, creative artist. Andy is also a great guy to work with. He’s got fantastic work ethics and never quit the job until his director is happy. I can only give him my warmest recommendation.

Recommendation, VFX Supervisor
Nordisk Film, Thomas Øhlenschlæger

I have worked with Andy on several occasions, both remotely and in the same room. Andy’s technical and artistic level is exceptionally high, and he is a fun guy to work with.