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why do clients choose batelion

Our team focuses on clear, nonviolent, fearless communication, proactive customer care, automation, and AI-powered workflows to bring uncompromised and high-quality visual effects to your films, series, and tvc’s. On a day-to-day basis we work with…

Trudy Styler
I have had the pleasure of working with Andy and his team at Batelion for the past 8 years on numerous projects and I am continually impressed with their level of talent and dedication.
Fritz Böhm, Film Director
You book Batelion, you get much more than eye-popping effects. Batelion is religiously cinephile. They think outside the box. With Batelion, you have the freedom to feel understood. The movie is everything.
Marc Mayers, Film Director
They might talk bad about my film. Whatever 😉

No one has stumbled over its VFX so far. 'Cause you can't see any. Every shot a masterpiece.

jeppe nygaard christensen, Ghost VFX
I have had to pleasure of hiring Batelion on several projects. Experienced technical experts, highly skilled, creative artists. I can only give my warmest recommendation.

Jörg Bundschuh, Co-Producer
“We found ourselves in a very awkward situation. Our VFX vendor was about to brake the contract. Communication stopped. Hopeless. Batelion came on board, they streamlined the whole project, installed artists, scheduled revisions, and delivered over 400 vfx shots in high-quality. I saved over 300,000 EUR at least.״
Boaz Yakin, Film Director
They were simply killing it.
Above and Beyond.

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